UN: Morocco Tops Human Rights Committee Ranking

Morocco is one of five countries (Denmark, Sweden, Argentina and Burkina Faso) that top the United Nations Human Rights Committee ranking for implementing the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture.

These five countries “received the highest score during the Committee’s follow-up review of their action on priority recommendations” for 2019, says the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

All five countries received an “A” grade for “important steps” taken to implement the Committee’s recommendations. Countries that do not comply with or reject the recommendations of the UN body receive ratings in descending order, the lowest being an “E”.

An “A” grade means that the measures taken by States to implement the recommendations are “very satisfactory”. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights explains in a press release that this grade was granted to Morocco “for the adoption of the law on the national mechanism for the prevention of torture, designating its National Human Rights Council as the operative body.”

The Moroccan law was adopted unanimously by the two Chambers of the Moroccan Parliament in February 2018 and entered into force on March 1 of the same year.

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