Algeria: HRW Denounces Government’s Reprisal against Amazigh Activists

Human Rights Watch denounced the Algerian government’s crackdown on pro-Amazigh activists, namely Kameleddine Fekhar, and his 24 co-defendants, who all face the same charges, including “participating in a terrorist act…


Google-Maps pressed to delete line separating Morocco from its Sahara

The American search engine “Google Maps” has been pressed by hundreds of Moroccans to delete the demarcation line that separates Morocco from its Sahara on the map it currently displays….


Protest in Tindouf: UNHCR to the rescue

A delegation of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) visited the Tindouf camps at the request of the UN to take the pulse of the protesters who have been expressing…


Slavery: USA points the finger at Algeria  

The just released US State Department 2015 report on slavery and human trafficking in the world ranks Algeria at the bottom of the standings while it notes that the situation…


Algeria-Tindouf: Disappearance of Polisario executive resurfaces

The family of Ahmed Khalil, a Polisario Front executive, victim of a forced disappearance since January 2009 while on a trip to Algiers, broke its silence over the weekend and…