Polisario Expelled From Beirut International Film Festival

After the humiliating deportation by Peru of Polisario fake ambassador Khadijetou El Mokhtar, the separatists, supported by Algeria, suffered another setback in Lebanon at Beirut International Film Festival (BIFF) which opened doors Oct.4.

The Algerian intelligence officers posted in Beirut had prepared well their plot. They had managed to slip in Polisario, holding Algerian passports, in the 17th BIFF with a documentary film.

The organizers of the festival had at first listed it in the category of documentaries before withdrawing the movie after they were alerted by the Lebanese authorities.

The Algerian-polisario plot failed miserably again, heralding the upcoming diplomatic failures awaiting the mercenaries and their Algerian supporters.

It seems that the Algerian tactic of including the separatists in its diplomatic missions overseas by providing them with Algerian passports, is no longer working.

Today, only a handful of countries accept to play this game, by turning a blind eye to this conspiracy, while the Polisario is one of the worst movements, a remnant of the Cold War era, mustering all kinds of mercenaries who have enslaved thousands of people in the camps of Tindouf, in Algeria.


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