Tindouf: A new protest movement pillories the Polisario

A new protest movement has recently emerged in the Tindouf camps, whose population is surviving on international humanitarian aid, an aid that is yet systematically diverted by the Polisario leaders and notables.

Fifteen months after he was put at the head of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali, who is the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the Spanish courts for “torture, kidnapping and rape”, is increasingly challenged by the Sahrawis, including disenchanted youths and also former Polisario executives.

Recently, Ghali and his cronies were taken by surprise by the creation of a protest movement dubbed “Sahrawi Initiative for Change” (SAI). Their surprise was all the greater that some of the new movement founding members are close to Polisario senior executives, are residing in Tindouf and are acting openly.

Among the founding members, there are Ouallad Moussa who is none other than the cousin of M’Hamed Khaddad, the Polisario’s coordinator with MINURSO, El Hadj Ahmed Barakallah, brother of Ahmed Boukhari, the Polisario representative to the UN, ??and Hdih Abouiha, brother of the second in command of the separatists’ “diplomacy”. They have all signed the document establishing this movement and present themselves as coordinators of the SAI.

The new protesters are denouncing the long-standing unbearable situation in the camps and demanding a change in the camps management with greater equality, justice and freedom.

The new Sahrawi movement is however at risk of being stifled in the bud by the apparatchiks of the Algerian oligarchy and the Polisario, as was the case of many other protest movements, the most notable of which was the Intifada of 1988.

To put an end to the corruption and multiple abuses and privations they are suffering, the Tindouf camps populations have no other choice than follow the examples of Mozambicans and Venezuelans, who took to the streets to demand the departure of the despots running their countries, Robert Mugabe and Nicolás Maduro Moros.

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