Tindouf camps: Misappropriation of humanitarian aid

Several euro- deputes requested that OLAF (European Anti- Fraud Office), make public its Report. The European Parliament decided to study the question, and would consider publishing this document overpowering for the leadership of the Polisario Front. The Masters of the Polisario are responsible of the humanitarian aid misappropriation, whether this aid is coming from Europe or besides. In fact, for several years, the observers have noted that the fleecing goods of the UNHCR (Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees), WFP (World Food Program), as well as European Union, are found regularly on the stalls of the Mauritanians markets. In fact, this embezzlement used to feed the secret funds of the Polisario Front and their network of activists in Spain and in the North of Europe.

This embezzlement is a result of the false census about people living in the camps given by the Polisario Front. By overestimating the camps inhabitants, the Polisario Front obtains an important aid and resells the part intended for a population which… does not exist.
Battle of figures seemed nevertheless to blow after high resolution satellite pictures of the camps showed the first reliable figures of 70.000 people instead of the 140.000 advanced by the revolutionary movement.
The report of the OLAF, very awaited by the observers of the case, should make possible to find out with precision the amount of the embezzlement.
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