About human rights in Tindouf: the US congress as a witness

The international public opinion is informed by several Poliasrio camps sequestered actually in a tour in the United States about the human rights violations in Tindouf camps.
They were received by members of the US congress, which indicated their “extreme concern” about the “use” of the funds allocated to the Polisario Front to help the camps refugees.
Following suspicions of embezzlement formulated in a report by the anti-fraud office of the European Union, it appears that the situation of the human rights in Tindouf camps is getting worse and that the international community donations reach less and less the sahraouis population living in the camps.
Addition to that, the publication online of slavery videos revealed exclusively by Droits-humains.org, has added more stress to the sahraouis living in the camps.

A revolt was carried out by the black populations, victims of «structural” discrimination by the leading representatives of the Polisario Front.
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