Can the New UNO mediator for the Western Sahara assert the human rights.

Few days after his official nomination by the UN Secretary General as a new mediator in charge of the Sahara issue, observers of the issue estimate that the first priority of the new UN representative will be the examination of human rights situation within Tindouf camps, South of Algeria, controlled by the Polisario Front movement, with the logistical and financial support of the “host” country” of the revolutionary movement.
In fact, after many strong alarm signals launched by the international community via the NGO in charge of human  rights, it seems that the situation of some 90 000 Sahrawis living within Tindouf camps had not changed, and this despite the fact that serious accusations, especially slavery, have been revealed by the shared video site on line “”.

Independent observers, as well as the international press, are still unable to visit the Guerilla camps, without being “accompanied” by a political commissioner following a pre-planed itinerary.  More serious, it is impossible to carry out an investigation within the camps in order to set up the spirit state of the Sahrawi peoples living there and their will to remain or not the “guests” of the Polisario Front.
This impossibility to access camps by the independent observers, which Morocco has denounced many times, seems nevertheless to be at the head of the UNO mediator agenda, who wishes, first of all, to have an opinion about the exact situation within the camps.
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