Algeria-disappeared people : Amnesty International and other NGOs denounce Algiers.

The families of the disappeared people in Algeria are still facing the Government’s silence about the destiny of the victims of violence in the 90s. Nevertheless, the authorities, not only turned a deaf ear to these claims, but they make all that is in their power to prevent these families from the right to demonstrate peacefully and express themselves, provoking indignant reactions from international NGOs.
Thus, Amnesty International, the Euro- Mediterranean Network for Human Rights (EMHRN) and the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (which is a joint program with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organization against Torture (OMCT), have quickly responded to the violent forbidding of a peaceful demonstration which was supposed to take place on Wednesday 11th August, in Algiers.

Security forces have prevented tens of people, relatives of the disappeared people, to organize a peaceful demonstration. No official explanation was given to the families about the reasons of this prohibition, security executives simply declared that they were executing “orders received from high authorities”.
These organizations have called Algiers to allow families of forced disappearance victims to organize peaceful demonstrations, without fearing reprisals. They insist also so that Algerian authorities respond to the legal requests of these families to know the truth, to have justice done and to obtain a suitable compensation for damages.
Families of forced disappearance victims have been asking, since years, that the Algerian authorities reveal the destiny of their relatives, who have disappeared after having been kidnapped by the security forces during the bloody years of the 90s. Algeria has lived, during the decade of the 90s, an almost civil war which has caused the death of thousands of people.
Since 1998, these families have been organizing almost every Wednesday, peaceful demonstrations in front of the official organization for human rights in Algiers, CNCPPDH, and its predecessor the National Observatory for Human Rights.

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