Western Sahara: Young Sahrawi Unionists gather in the FORSATIN

The Sahara autonomy Project proposed by Morocco still generates strong debates in Tindouf camps. This situation is exacerbated by the decision formally announced by the Inspector General of the Polisario Police, Moustapha Ould Sidi Mouloud Salma, to support the autonomy Plan proposed by Morocco and defend it in Tindouf.
Because of his audacious position, the Polisario executive has been banned by the leadership of the Polisario Front movement from Tindouf camps, located in the South-West of Algeria. From Mauritania where he waits to be authorized to return to Tindouf, Mustafa Salma called on international NGOs and human rights activists to intervene to help him regain the camps to see his wife and children. The head of the Polisario police says that he does not understand the accusations brought against him by the movement leadership. “Everything that is conveyed is reminiscent of a betrayal that I can not understand. Is expressing one’s opinions freely considered a betrayal?” questioned outrageously the police leader.

Already, many young Sahrawis convinced of the soundness and relevance of the autonomy Plan, took the initiative to help Moustapha, by creating an online forum (www.forsatin.org). Their goal is to support Mostafa Salma as well as the remaining compatriots in the Tindouf camps, to freely express their opinions on the autonomy Project. This is an unlikely viewpoint given the fact that Tindouf Sahrawis are denied the mere right to freedom of expression and movement. Also given the outrageous conditions of human rights and the illegal nature – considering the international humanitarian law – of these camps settled in the Algerian territory, it becomes necessary to create spaces for expression where the Sahrawis living in Tindouf and supporting the Moroccan Plan can speak without fear for their physical integrity. Such conditions are completely in contrast with the situation in the Western Sahara, where Polisario supporters express, in broad daylight, their ideas without fear of being harassed by the Moroccan authorities.


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