Laayoune : Zapatero embarrassed the pro-Polisario in Spain

More than two weeks after the violent events which took place in Laayoune, things are settling down progressively and the truth about what really happened starts emerging. A truth which may be hard to be assumed by the pro-Polisario milieu in Spain, according to what was declared by the President of the Spanish government, José Lui Zapatero.
While addressing the members of his party, the PSOE, the Spanish executive chief  has reaffirmed the relevance of the « cautiousness »  position observed by Madrid in this affair. Especially, has he ensured, that the information on the demolishing of the Gdeim Izik camp, may be difficult to assume by the milieu “traditionally close to the Polisario Front”. These violent events have given rise to a large debate at the socialist leadership, which has shown its concern about the agitation maintained regarding this issue in Spain. But the PSOE cannot escape the obligation to declare these data even if that may be “painful and difficult to accept” by the milieu traditionally pro-Polisario, has Zapatero insisted.
The Chief of the Spanish executive has also stated that “cautiousness” observed by his government falls within “the choice made by other countries”. Moreover, the important powers and the Security Council were not caught in at the game of the media hype and trucage, organized by the Polisario and Algeria, and voluntarily increased by the Spanish media.

Marcelino Iglesias, the other PSOE executive has stated that his party has well done not to surrender to great hurry, especially that the data which was confirmed  afterwards have shown that “there have bee no slaughter” as asserted by the Polisario. The killed persons were among the Moroccan order forces who have not made even one gun shot, simply because they have intervened without arms to demolish the camp.


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