Western Sahara : the Moroccan official version of the Laayoune incidents’ assessment is confirmed

A great number of human rights NGOs and media which have been able to go to the place where the 8th November incidents took place in the Gdim Izik camp in Laayoune city, have confirmed the official version presented by Morocco on these events. Amnesty International, through its representative, Donatella Rovera has stated on Thursday, based on a field investigation, that the assessment of these incidents has revealed the death of 13 persons, eleven from the order forces and two civil ones. Through this confirmation, the organization has denied all the rumor and disinformation which were widespread by the Polisario and certain Spanish and Algerian media, for propagandist goals.  “No indication was found about common graves” as pretended by the Polisario and its separatist supporters. The misleading information and images, far from the reality, which have been widely  broadcasted by certain sites close to the separatists, have been taken by the Spanish media.
A neutral and independent statement which has just been made by the researcher and representative of Amnesty International, Donatella Rovera, a member of the team which has been in Laayoune, from 24 to 30 November, 2010. In declarations made to some Spanish newspapers, Donatella Rovera has thus indirectly denied all the Polisario and its supporters’  lies and allegations. “We can not talk about the slaughter of hundreds of people” in the Laayoune events, has she stated in an interview given to the newspaper “El Mundo”

The Amnesty International team had for mission to make a report about the Laayoune events and to transmit it to the Amensty International central department.
While referring to Donatella Rovera, the widely distributed Spanish daily newspaper  “El Pais” specifies that no one among the persons who were questioned by the members of the AI team, has declared to “have suffered from reprisals”.
Rovera has also declared to another Spanish daily newspaper “Publico” that her team has made its investigations normally and has not faced any difficulty from the Moroccan authorities side.
Moreover, Amnesty International is not the first one to give such a statement which confirms once again the official version given by Morocco on the Laayoune events. Human Rights Watch has already denied Polisario and Spanish media allegations, through its emergency director, Peter Bouckgert and its director in charge  of researches in the Middle-East-North Africa, Eric Goldstein.


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