Sahara – Autonomy: A demonstration in Algeciras to support the Moroccan autonomy project

To make Spain know about the autonomy project proposed by Morocco for a final settlement of the Western Sahara conflict is the aim of the Spanish association which is about to organize on Saturday, a demonstration for this purpose, in Algeciras (South of Spain). The demonstration which was initiated by the Pro Moroccan Sahara Association (APSM), would gather Moroccan citizens living in many Andalous cities and Spanish people convinced of the appropriateness of the Moroccan autonomy project for the Western Sahara.
The organizers of the demonstration which would take place under the theme: “Sahara: autonomy is the solution”, are keen to inform the Spanish and international public opinion about the historical, legal and political reality of the Moroccan Sahara. They will explain the relevance of the autonomy project for the Sahara region, within the sovereignty of Morocco and its national unity, as a viable and final solution to this conflict which goes back to more than 35  years.
In some improvised speeches, the President of the association, Luis Bueno and other Moroccan and Spanish participants will try also to demystify the untrue slogans of the Polisario separatists. The demonstrators will also denounce, through the slogans and banners, the inhuman practices of the Polisario armed militia against the Sahrawi populations sequestrated since more than three decades, in Tindouf camps.

They would also uncover the disinformation campaigns led by certain Spanish and Algerian media which are defending the separatists’ thesis at the cost of demystifying the reality. Are waited at this meeting, hundreds of demonstrators from Algeciras but also from Cadix, Malaga and other Andalusian cities where an important Moroccan community is living.
In a release, the association based in Campo at Gibraltar, underlines that “the Kingdom of Morocco has sufficient legal and historical criteria to allow it to claim its sovereignty over the Sahara. To these criteria, we add the merit of having been courageous, wise and perceptive to propose the autonomy plan for the Sahara, qualified, by the UN Security Council, to be a serious and credible proposition. The association, created in 2010 at the initiative of some Spanish and Moroccan citizens, has fixed as target to “collaborate for the resolution of the Sahara conflict and to promote the return of the Sahrawis living in Tindouf  to Morocco, their country of origin.


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