Sahara – Spain: « Polisario » invited to adhere to the Moroccan project for « advanced regionalization”

A Spanish association has called the Polisario leadership to adhere to the initiative of “advanced regionalization” launched by the King Mohammed VI. The Association “Friends of Moroccan Sahara in Spain” based in Barcelona, has called the leaders of the Separatist movement, inviting them to adhere to the “noble initiative of the advanced regionalization, declared by His Majesty the King and aiming at the building-up of a unified Morocco”. The NGO, which regroups Moroccan citizens settled in Spain as well as Spanish people sympathizing with the Moroccan cause, invites “the Polisario separatists” to be inspired by the regionalization Spanish model. “Spain and its autonomous communities are the closest example of a State which has known how to relegate its differences to the second level so as to place the national interest above any other interest, making of the country a unified State, strong and indivisible”, underlines the NGO in a release.

The Spanish NGO has also greeted all the constitutional reforms and the advanced regionalization project announced by the King Mohammed VI in its speech of 9 Marsh 2011. Ambitious reforms, as it said, that would certainly open for Morocco the way to a new phase in the process of democratization. Presided by Rachid El Farsi, the Association “Friends of the Moroccan Sahara in Spain”, militates since its creation in favour of the national cause and the autonomy plan that Morocco has proposed as solution for the final settlement of the Western Sahara conflict. The association gets on in Spain and particularly in the autonomous region of Catalonia.


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