Algeria : Amnesty gets worried about a draft law on associations

Amnesty International gets alarmed about a draft law on associations, which is presently subject of debate at the Algerian Parliament, and which makes the whole associative tissue worried. The Amnesty International office in Algiers denounces the fact that the draft law questions “the universal principle of freedom of associations, confirmed in international bodies and ratified by Algeria””. The project clauses threaten to suffocate financially the NOGs and associations. The collect of funds necessary for their functioning and sometimes even their survival, is from now on “depending on an authorization from the Administration, never obtained” declares indignantly the bureau of the international organization in Algiers. The conditions of cessation and dissolution of associations are also deplored by Amnesty. For the international NGO, “the procedure of cessation and dissolution of associations, according to the new clauses, reinforces, in a drastic way, the putting of the associative field under supervision”.

An other aspect of public liberties’ violations was pointed out in last April, by Human Rights Watch. The Organization was alarmed by the forbidding of gatherings and demonstrations in Algiers since February 2011. This arbitrary forbidding shows that the lifting of the state of emergency, decided by the Algerian authorities on 24th 2011, after two decades of its putting into effect, “did not establish the basic civil liberties of Algerian people”, declared the organization. Human Rights Watch has finally called the Algerian authorities to “revise the legislation on demonstrations and public meetings so that it would be in keeping with, namely, the international norms concerning the right to gatherings and meetings”.


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