CDH : violence against the Sahrawi women in Tindouf denounced in Geneva

Torture and bad treatments inflicted on the Sahrawi populations by the Polisario is a very common practice in Tindouf camps. The NGO and the human rights associations keep denouncing such practices undergone by innocent civil people under the oppressive silence of the authorities of the country (Algeria) hosting the camps of Sahrawi refugees. The children and women are unfortunately not excluded from these sufferings, on the contrary, they find it difficult to defend themselves against the abuses and atrocities of the Polisario uncontrolled armed militia  making the law in all impunity. To denounce these overtaking, the international economic cooperation (OCAPROCE international) has organized this Tuesday 20 March a panel at the United Nations on the fringe of the 19th session of the UN CDH.

Many human rights activists and militants have deplored in their interventions the terrible life conditions of Sahrawi women in Tindouf camps. During a conference debate on “the violence against women and the situation of inequality” to which have participated many international NGOs, Prof. Alfred de Zayas from the international institute for diplomatic relation studies in Geneva has stated that women sequestrated in Tindouf belong to the category of “Unsong victims”. From his point of view, they are victims forgotten by the international opinion. For this former UN executive, all the victims should be respected without discrimination, insisting on the necessity to “break the crime of silence” whether the one committed by the international community or the hosting country.
On her side, Rowaida Marwa, President of the International network supporting the Sahara autonomy, has talked about the call for help launched by Sahrawi women detained in the Polisario jails in Tindouf who claim freedom within the context of the « Arab Spring ». We need more democracy, she supports, to “guarantee the respect of human rights” in Tindouf camps. But in this case, can we really talk about democracy when we see the former and present Polisario leaders nominated for life such as Mohamed Abdelaziz who has just been designated again for the nth time at the head of the movement for independence and the self-announced Sahrawi Republic. Saadani Maoulanine, a former internee of the Polisario in Cuba, did not hesitate to denounce the (physical and moral) violence which she herself has undergone and from which have suffered each day women in Tindouf. Dozens of young girls and minor children have been taken to Cuba, officially to continue their studies, but in reality, they were expatriated for their indoctrination. Other participants in the panel have also denounced the torture and bad treatment inflicted by the Polisario on the civil populations in Tindouf camps and especially on the young Sahrawis who dare to show their unhappiness about the statu quo or their opposition to the separatist thesis and their desire to return to their national home land in the Southern provinces of Morocco.


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