The Algerian big plot comes out

The paradox of the Algerian foreign policy reaches its peak. The unilateral proclamation by the Touaregs of the independence of Azawad, taking half of the Malian territory, has shown the real hegemonic face of the Algerian authority under the commands of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his generals. Even the Algerian press has, in its last editions, pointed out the contradictions of the Algerian diplomacy, underlining at “the time when the Algerian authority blocks any progress in the Algero-Moroccan relations because of the independence of the Western Sahara, it revolts against the decision of the national movement for the liberation of Azawad (MNLA) which has stated the independence of Azawad, after the rejection of its many demands for a referendum”. In their manoeuvres, comments the same sources, the Algerians try to involve “ the stubborn Tunisia in the Western Sahara conflict to isolate or at least put Morocco in a difficult position in the new battle of wills”.

“The strategy of maintaining Algiers’ tactical tensions and manipulations which has ended with a small berezina in the Sahel, seems to be reproduced in the North of Africa”. Should we also remind that during a recent meeting in Nouakchott devoted to examine the security situation in Mali and the Sahel, following the Military push of 22nd March against the legitimate authority in Bamako, the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Front countries (Mauritania, Algeria, Niger…) have firmly condemned this coup d’Etat and have reiterated their attachment to the principles of intangibility of frontiers, territorial integrity and sovereignty of States, stipulated in the charters of the African Union and United Nations. At this effect, the Algerian diplomacy disputes the validity of its ideological principles, the right of people to self-determination as it does it for the benefit of the Polisario. How can, then, the Algerian authority justify its policy of two different positions and measures vis-à-vis its Moroccan neighbour which is just claiming its right to the intangibility of its frontiers and the integrity of its territory? The answer we can have it only at the strengthened palace of Al Mouradia.

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