Tunisia: So Hard to Get Back to Normal!

Tunisia has celebrated the second anniversary of the fall of Ben Ali’s regime, but the country has not yet gotten rid of trouble. Violence often combined with human rights violations is regularly reported.
A ministry in charge of the protection of human rights has been created while the Constituent Assembly is pondering on a draft Constitution that should logically consecrate the rule of law.
Yet, artists, human rights activists, academics… continue to be subjected to harassments, threats, and sometimes even to physical attacks on the part of Islamist and Salafist groups. These abuses have reached such an extent that the current situation of human rights in Tunisia seems quite illogical.

On the one hand, the scope of freedom has been expanded and a post-revolution legislation guarantees, for the first time, genuine freedom of expression, association, etc..
On the other hand, violations of individual freedoms are committed almost daily under the cover of this very expansion of freedoms.
Kamal Jendoubi, a well-known opponent of Ben Ali’s regime and a human rights advocate, comments that “the area of freedom which is open to all Tunisians is thus open to different voices, including those that make us go backwards.”
Moreover, the debates in the Constituent Assembly are proceeding very slowly and sometimes they get bogged down because of the resistance of a party or another.
Fortunately, critical issues such as imposing limits on the freedom of expression and “complementarity” between men and women have been removed from the text and spared the country struggles of another age.


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