Polisario’ s Misdeeds Displayed in Geneva

The repressive machinery of the Polisario has already affected hundreds of victims and the cycle of violence is still going on in the Tindouf camps, in total impunity. Two of these victims, Khadijatou Mahmoud Mohamed and Abdallah Lamani, chose the United Nations in Geneva, to tell the media about their respective sad experiences with the Polisario. Khadijatou has thus recounted how she had been raped by Brahim Ghali, the Polisario representative in Algiers, while Abdallah gave a detailed account of the 23 years he spent in the separatist movement’s jails in Tindouf. At a press conference organized by the Association of press correspondents accredited to the United Nations (ACANU), Spanish lawyer, Agustin de la Cruz, said that Khadijatou Mahmoud Mohamed has filed a complaint against Brahim Ghali on January 13, 2013, to the Audiencia Nacional in Seville and that Ghali is pursued by other victims for crimes against humanity. De la Cruz exposed the legal considerations of the complaint, its admissibility by the highest authority of Spanish Justice and the court’s prerogative to try defendants suspected of crimes against humanity. Khadijatou, who was working as an interpreter for the Polisario, said she visited the Polisario representation in Algiers for some administrative and travel formalities as she had been invited by an NGO to visit Spain. But her trip turned into a nightmare, as Ghali raped her in the very premises of the representation, she claimed. Khadijatou’s defense lawyer, De La Cruz, asserts that other people who have also been victim of Brahim Ghali’s abuse, when the latter was positioned in Spain, are ready to go to the bar to testify against him. Abdallah Lamani, a former employee of Moroccan firm Allumaroc, said on his part that he had been kidnapped, along with other people, by the Polisario militia on August 20, 1980 in Tata. They were forcibly taken to a prison in the Tindouf camps, where they had been detained for 23 years.

Lamani said he was released on September 1, 2003, thanks to international pressures, including on the part of the International Committee of the Red Cross. This Casablanca native who described the ordeal he endured in prison said that Mauritanians, Malians and even Algerians were among his co-detainees. Abdallah Lamani called for the setting up of an international fact-finding commission that would visit the Rabboni camp and other camps in Tindouf to investigate the fate of dozens of victims who died while being tortured or who were executed. He said he was ready to assist the commission and show its members where the bodies of some victims were buried. Unfortunately, few humanitarian organizations and NGOs, such as the Robert Kennedy Foundation, show any interest in the victims of abuse and violence committed by the Polisario torturers.


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