Appeal launched from Geneva to end Humanitarian tragedy in Tindouf

An urgent appeal has been launched from the headquarters of the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva urging the international community to put an end to the humanitarian tragedy the Sahrawi populations in the Tindouf camps are going through.
The appeal, made by the International Committee for the Respect of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, stressed the urgent need for the international community to take action to end the continuing sufferings in the Tindouf camps located on Algerian soil, “where groups of mercenaries have been deciding the fate of a whole population for decades.”
In a speech he delivered early June at the UNHRC meeting on the promotion and protection of human rights, the representative of the International Committee for the Respect of the African Charter, Shaibata Mrabih Rabbo, denounced the fact that entire generations have been “condemned to spend their lives in sequestration camps where most sordid human rights abuses are committed.”

He urged all human rights advocates to exert pressures so that these oppressed people enjoy an individual and universal right, “the right to decide their own fate and return to their country of origin, Morocco.”
So far, with the exception of the family exchange visits sponsored by the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Polisario continues to prohibit any person from freely leaving the camps, said Mrabih Rabbo.
To maintain its hold on these camps, the Polisario, backed by its torturers and armed militias, makes ??use of every intimidation, retaliation and extortion means. These include the deportation of very young children to indoctrination centers in Cuba, sequestration, separation of families and prohibition of freedom of expression and movement.


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