Spanish Justice, a Sword of Damocles Hanging over the Polisario

Persecutor Mahjoub Lincoln is among the Polisario torturers summoned to appear before a Spanish court. He is certainly one of the worst oppressors who have, for years, martyred hundreds of Sahrawis opposed to the Polisario.
The Sahrawi victims of serious human rights violations who have filed a complaint before the National Audience of Madrid, the highest court in Spain, still remember this ominous individual. However, for Salma Abdellah, one of these victims, Mahjoub Lincoln is a mere executor.
He certainly used to perform his dirty work with cruelty, but at the orders of the Polisario leaders. Mohamed Abdelaziz in person was overseeing some torture sessions of the toughest opponents. He was often accompanied by officers from the Algerian military intelligence services (DRS).

Fearing the horrendous revelations on the atrocities committed by the Polisario that the Madrid trial may expose, Algeria was quick to respond. It resorted to a weapon most dreaded by Spain and the rest of Europe: blackmail as to the markets boon generated by oil and gas revenues.
Also, it was not surprising to see Algerian newspapers threatening Spanish justice and accusing the National Court of conducting a “political trial”. These trials “reaching the limit of interference, are part of a conspiracy that Spain, which is in crisis, could do better without,” warned an Algerian newspaper, certainly at the instigation of DRS officers.
There is, however, no doubt that the unprecedented trial underway at the National Audience in Madrid will restore the rights of the Polisario’s Sahrawi victims. Most importantly, the trial will contribute greatly to open up the eyes of many Spanish supporters of the Polisario Front, kept alive by Algeria just to maintain pressure on Morocco in the Western Sahara issue.


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