Tindouf: Algiers puts one of its pawns at the head of the “SADR’s executive”

The head of the Polisario Front, Ibrahim Ghali, who acts under the orders of his Algerian godfathers, on Sunday named Mohamed El Ouali Akik as the so-called prime minister of the pseudo-Sahrawi republic (RASD), in replacement of Abdelkader Taleb Omar, reported the Algerian media and their Sahrawi relays.

The Algerian generals chose Mohamed Akik, a graduate of the Algiers-based Cherchell Military Academy, for being a fervent supporter of “the resumption of armed struggle against Morocco”.

Through the appointment of this hawk of the Polisario leadership, who suffers from facial paralysis, observers detect the veiled will of the Algerian regime to encourage the Polisario mercenaries’ military escalation against Morocco, since on the diplomatic level, the two allies continue to sustain failures, especially in Africa and at the United Nations.

Through the choice of this warlord as “Prime Minister”, Algerian Generals and military intelligence services also wanted to make a gesture towards his “Izerguyine” tribe. This tribe was long sidelined from the Polisario command, where the rival “Rguibate” tribe was prevailing.

The sponsors of the appointment of the Polisario’s new second in command will have thus killed two birds with one stone, according to the observers.

On the one hand, they encourage the Front’s mercenaries to brandish the option of the resort to arms against the Moroccan neighbor. On the other hand, they try to defuse the mounting tensions in the Tindouf camps that are fueled by both the Polisario’s successive diplomatic failures and the drastic drop in humanitarian aid, the main source of survival for the Tindouf camps inhabitants.

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