Tindouf under bowling sun

Barbed wires, watchtowers, Jeeps, light weapons. The arsenal is of importance. The men joke between themselves, and then open the barrier to let a light armored tank penetrate in the camp. However, there is no enemy in sight, just some kids playing football.
A woman wants to go to draw some water; she must initially pass by the guards, which make sure that she carries only one empty bucket and nothing else.

A few tents come to break the monotony of the landscape. Several thousands of people live here.
We are in Tindouf, South of Algeria, 40° in the shade, 90.000 civilians and almost as many soldiers. We are in 2007, welcome to the Polisario camps of hell.
For 30 years, with the contempt of all the most elementary human rights, thousands of people coming from the Moroccan Sahara have been locked up, their gestures spied, their displacements controlled, their food resold, their spirits conditioned, all that, for only one goal: to allow the Democratic and Popular Algerian Republic to appease its strategy of regional power.
How this swindle of history could proceed in the deafening silence of the international community? The answer is complex; it leaves Algiers, passes by Havana, has ramifications in Lagos, Pretoria, and ends in the Security Council of the UN. It’s crystal clear. Today, in 2007, all the thousands of people who are locked up in camps, are directed by the same clan since the beginning and are supervised by a professional army. Unexplained intimidations, tortures, disappearances, all the range of exactions is exploited by the leaders of the Polisario to ensure a total control on the bodies and the spirits of the inhabitants of the camps of Tindouf. Today, it’s about time that stops…
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