The Historical “godfathers” of the camps

Kim Jong-II “Doctor Folamour”: 66 years old, leader of the Republic of North Korea, Secretary General of the Korean working Party, directs North Korea since 1994. He maintains continuous tides with the leaders of the Polisario. Kim Jong is suspected of maintaining a nuclear program. Fan of American movies, he would plan to turn a remake of the “seven mercenaries” with for principal role Mohammed Abdelaziz, Secretary general of the Polisario.

Fidel Castro alias “the revolutionary in a jogging: 81 years, Leader of the Cuban revolution. In early retirement since almost one year after having had a cerebral attack. Castro handled the power to his brother Raul who continues to supervise the program of indoctrination of the young people coming from the Tindouf camps. Recently converted to the liberal economy, the Cuban power tries to mask the failure of the revolution which was presented during several decades as the only successful way of Communism.

known as Joseph StalinJoseph (Iossif) Vissarionovitch Djougachvili (known as Joseph Stalin): 1879-1953, pioneer of the “Soviet art of Brainwashing” used by the famous Tcheka, the Soviet political police. These techniques of conditioning will be largely reproduced by the political police chiefs of the Polisario.

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