“My memory has been raped…”

Captain K., imprisoned at the age of 30 spent more than half of his life locked up in the jails of the Polisario. Its hands paralyzed forever testify of its long detention within the camps of Tindouf. Its face is worthy in spite of humiliations, tortures, hunger, and interminable waiting. “I never doubted that I would return to Morocco”he said. However, the Captain K holds a record; he belongs to the most former political prisoners in the world.

The description of its conditions of detention with his comrades does not leave any doubt about the inhumanity of its jailers. “In 30 years, I never saw Polisario soldiers, they are the Algerian soldiers who run our prison and who ensured the transfers”. Captured young and for so long, the Captain K. will not have seen his children growing. “To be a prisoner, means the loss of notion of time; the moments of hope followed one another those of major discouragement. Our life really changed the day when, after having corrupted our guards, we could have a television, which enabled us to see the images of the motherland. Since then, everything was different.. We realized that our country did a lot to repatriate us, but that the Polisario denied having us as hostages” he continues: “My greater shock was the arrival in Agadir, I did not recognize almost anything, the roads, the buildings, and I had forgotten that it was possible to breathe without a feeling of oppression. For three months I remained inside my daughter’s house, I refused to go outside… my memory has been raped”.
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