Tindouf: ordinary terror

In conformity with its revolutionary doctrine, the Polisario practices the policy of terror and insulation of the camps by depriving them from any contact with the outside.
Testimonies from inside the camps confirm how this masquerade of the so called “progressist movement” manages the life of sequestered innocents.
In October 2OO6, Baba Sayed own brother of the founder of Polisario Mustapha Sayed, wrote on the Web site www.arso.org: “during the last fifteen years, one third of the leaders of Polisario joined the kingdom of Morocco and many others
joined Morocco because they could not support a situation of rotting, blocking, injustice, statute quo and carelessness, intentionally maintained by the Polisario who has reached the limits of its incompetence”
Baba Sayed has been voluntarily exiled in Canada from where he conducted systematic attacks against the leaders of the Polisario before regaining the camps of Tindouf to recover the service from the same leaders as he ceased vilifying.
On February 27, 2007, the movement of opposition to the front, called Khat Achahid, publishes an official statement sent to the press denouncing “a political bureau unable to manage the current crisis, inapt to carry out the change, bad management and the propagation of the corruption and tribalism.”
This system was also described by Olivier Pierre Loveaux who spent the summer 2003 inTindouf with the humanitarian ONG “Carritas Secours International”.
In a text published on the  Internet, Oliver Pierre stated that  “every body asks for the leaders’ favors; these favors can consist of, for example a surgery abroad, studies, an employment within the Polisario front, the right to leave the camps and also economic favors. It seems that it is necessary to distinguish between two categories of people leaving in the camps of Tindouf; some close to the leaders have access to a life at least comfortable. They have satellite television, a 4×4 car, a certain comfort of life which is surprising to find in refugee camps. The other category lives in a very rudimentary way and is not entitled to almost nothing”.
The presence all around the refugee camps of over-equipped units of armed Algerian does not benefit unfortunately the inhabitants within the camps in the event of natural disasters.
In a press conference held on February 24, 2006 in Geneva, Ron Redmond spokesman of the HCR said that “the UNHCR launched an emergency call to the donators in order for them to finance the fret of the humane aid from the warehouse in Jordan for the 60.000 refugees’ sahraouis victims of the floods in Tindouf… It is crucial that we forward these products to the refugees, whom the houses literally disappeared after three days of torrential rain. In two weeks, more than 50% of the infrastructures in three camps were seriously damaged.”
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