Over the camps of shame

The respect of the human life set up in universal absolute, is one of the most beautiful conquests of humanity. But with sadness we see even this value, recovered, diverted and used shamelessly for completely opposite reasons.
Everyone, at least all those who are well informed, the making of the opinion, political leaders, journalists, diplomats, know that those called sahraouis refugees in the camps of Tindouf in Algeria are actually hostages in a standby. Everyone knows, and the Algerian government knows it perfectly.
At the time when the Western Sahara conflict took an importance, what must prevail moreover is the humane situation in the camps where the sahraouis refugees’ live, or worse, survive. But the question which always remained unanswered it is initially how much? And who is who?
The conditions under which the deportation of the sahraouis was carried out towards the Algerian territory were the consequences of a campaign of intoxication, intimidation, propaganda and fear orchestrated by Algeria and the Polisario during the Seventies and poses a question mark as for their census and their identification.
Camps of Tindouf hold according to an estimate, a total of 60.000 people without any part of identification or document other than a few passes delivered by the Algerian authorities. This population is dispatched over four principal camps: Laâyoune, Aousserd, Smara and Dakhla, baptized Willayas. These camps made up of “gourbis” and tents gather a population from different origins. Most of them are Algerian coming from the area of Tindouf and Bechar. Then come the Mauritanians from the town of Zouerate, crammed by the humanitarian aids. Those were established in the camps for purely economic reasons. The populations originated from Saquia El Hamrae and Oued Eddahab come in third place and constitutes only one negligible part of the inhabitants of the camps. Parked mainly in the camp of Aouserd, which frequently knows violence, it is this category which provided the greatest number of repented having joined Morocco since the last decades and it is not astonishing that its members are constantly supervised by the Algerian services and narrowly framed by the political police force of the Polisario.
Placed under the mandate of the HCR the sahraouis refugee’s are depredated of a basic right, namely their census.
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