The Spanish newspaper “Canarias 7” publishes “Release Of Slave”

A media bomb was launched by the Spanish Newspaper “Canarias 7” (, who released a document entitled “release of a slave” obtained from a Tindouf Court which officialize the releasing of two slaves. Whereas the suspicions were growing because of a video testimony of two Australian journalists Violetta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw, this release corroborates the serious charges of slavery practices held against the Polisario Frente within the camps in Algerian territory.
Several ONG were mobilized and tried to find out about this in vain, until this legal document came out to give this important issue all the thickness that it deserves.

Countersigned by the Polisario ministry of justice and religious affairs, this document accentuates the differences of allegations between the protagonists in the Sahara conflict. In one side we have the Kingdom of Morocco who, with strong institutions, a legal recourse authorities and a lucid state, did not hesitate to carry out the work of memory over the overflows of the past. In the other side, a movement of Marxist obedience who refuses to be reformed and still attached to its historical claims, remains of the cold war.
It is a true shock of civilizations and visions which is happening with a ghost, playing a big part in the none-resolution of the conflict: Algeria.
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