Manhasset III and Human rights: will the Polisario play ball?

Having lost the support of its partisans and supporters except from Algeria implied in this out of time conflict, the Polisario is in a difficult position unless it shows realism and independence from its “godfather”.
The occasion of the 3rd round of negotiations scheduled in January 7, 2008 in Manhasset, USA is a chance to be seized by the Polisario by giving up its thesis of everything or nothing.
It seems that Algeria, responsible for blocking the issue, is opposed to the negotiations in favor of Morocco because of the international support to its project of autonomy for the Sahara; project which for many observers and international experts, is the best prevention of strategic and regional complications. It also satisfies the development of the well being of the populations.
The result of those positions if not contradictory, is very unclear: Morocco does not have a sincere adversary.
The resolution of the conflict can only come from a right arbitration by the international community, except that two factors appear to be at the origin of the hesitation of this one: the secondary rank of the Sahara conflict in the scale of the international political priorities, and the will to preserve good relations with Algeria as well as with Morocco.

The majority of sahraouis who want to go with the flow of history will adhere without any doubt to the national and democratic Moroccan solution: autonomy that even the impact of a certain congress held in Tifariti or elsewhere will not sway.

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