FARCS more “progressists” than the Polisario?

Information coming from South America comes to disturb the “revolutionary” movement of Leninist Marxist obedience: The Polisario.
The FARCS of Colombia, one of the hardest movements in the world, announced their intention to free hostages in the coming five days, and this, for humanitarian reasons. How about the sequestered of the Tindouf camps?
The Tindouf camps continue to be supervised day and night by the Algerian army, with an ultramodern radar tracking station in the vicinity, which makes it possible to the guards to control possible displacements.

It is at the very least astonishing that no measurement is taken by the Polisario Front to allow, those who wish it, to return to their mother country. In this respect, the Kingdom of Morocco, via the President of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan affairs (CORCAS), Khalihenna Ould Rachid, expressed his availability to set up measurements of accompaniment for the return of the Moroccan citizens who are still in Tindouf.
This information constitutes a turning point in the management of the file of the Sahara, since it is the first time that the Moroccan’s offer of return is formalized, opening the door to a peaceful settlement of the Sahara conflict.
It is the last chance for the Polisario to fall under a productive step where the fundamental human rights of the population of the camps would be finally taken under consideration, unless he prefers the FARCS to be the more “progressists”?  

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