To respect the sahraouis fundamental human rights

On the eve of the 4th round of direct negotiations between the kingdom of Morocco and the rebels of the Polisario Front, an important question is asked about the respect of fundamental human rights within the camps of Tindouf managed by the revolutionary movement for more than 30 years.
Several overpowering testimonies confirmed the suspicions of legal slavery, bad treatments and interdiction for the sequestered to gather or speak in public. The palpable nervousness of the Polisario Front is an invaluable indicator of the difficulties which the movement faces actually. The “historical” godfather Algeria is overwhelmed with the recrudescence of terrorism and has a little time to spear to the revolutionary movement.

The divergences between Algeria and the Polisario Front about the Manhasset negotiations has dramatic consequences on the populations living in the camps, Algeria being despite everything,  the regulator of the quarrelsome temperaments of the Polisario Front leaders.
They are civil populations trapped in an ideology belonging to history and who are paying the price of the ambitious Maghrebian Algeria’s supremacy over the Kingdom of Morocco…
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