Slavery in Tindouf camps: Exclusive videos

Exclusive pictures in “” has come to confirm the suspicions of slavery practices within the camps of Tindouf located in the south-east of Algeria and managed by the Polisario Front, a guerrilla in conflict with Morocco for 33 years.
Testimonies emanating from black populations who suffer from slavery come to corroborate several recent revelations of foreign journalists having had access to Tindouf camps in 2007as well as the publication by the newspaper “Canarias 7” of a document entitled “release of a slave” obtained from a Tindouf Court which officialize the releasing of two slaves. The video contains a Polisario Front representative declaration, who affirms, in a strong way, that “slavery does not exist in the camps”; It gives also details on the organization of slavery in the camps and segregation against the black populations in the name of “ancestral cultural” practices.

The Timing of the launching of this video is no pain-killer since Morocco and the Polisario Front must meet this week in Manhasset, suburbs of New York for another round of direct negotiations. These talks are held under the UN supervision and with the participation of neiboring countries, Algeria and Mauritania.
For several months now, the Polisario Front is under big pressure because counties familiar with the Sahara case like the United States, France and Spain, have clearly embraced the “autonomy plan” proposed by Morocco to the UN in April 2007. This plan proposes a large autonomy for the Western Sahara instead of a referendum which proved to be unrealizable.
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