“Youtube” slavery videos cause trouble…

Last week, www.droits-humains.org announced that a mysterious net surfer had put on line (Youtube.com) a video showing slavery practices within the camps of Tindouf, in the south-east of Algeria. From our sources, these pictures created a fracture within the sahraoui public opinion torn between incredulity and revolt.
For the Polisario Front, the publication of these videos came at bad time, direct negotiations with Morocco being held in the United States under the supervision of the UN in presence of Mauritania and Algeria.

Materialization of the charges of slavery formulated since almost one year by several western journalists has put the Polisario Front in bad position. Lunching an international mission to investigate these practices within the camps, where more than 70.000 people live, is prominent.
It is an important element in the Sahara case which has been clarified with the disclosure of these practices of ancient era discrediting de facto the “humanitarian” speech held by the Polisario Front with the logistical and financial support of Algeria.
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