ONG coalition against slavery in Tindouf camps

In order to draw the international public opinion attention to practices of slavery in Tindouf camps, international ONG coalition will take place next weeks according to exclusive information of
Those slavery practices were the object of a series of revelations in 2007.
The first to have denounced these practices is two Australian journalists, violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw who succeeded in taking exclusive pictures within the camps before being arrested by the Polisario Front, then released upon international pressure.
The second salvo will have been the revelation by the Spanish newspaper “Canarias 7” which diffused a “release of slaves” by a Tindouf court of justice.
At last and not at least, as announced in weeks ago, a mysterious Net surfer had put on “youtube” videos of slavery practices within the camps, before Algeria had them removed, according to a specialized blog in the Sahara conflict. 

It is the first time in the history of Internet that a Maghreb country intervenes directly to require the withdrawal of videos denouncing the violations of human rights…
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