To respect sahraouis human rights

Several international ONG have denounced the living conditions of the sahraouis in the camps of Tindouf managed by the Polisario Front with the logistical and financial support of Algeria.
The same sources have declared that human rights within the camps are not respected and that an international board should be made up in order to evaluate the extent of the violations of the fundamental human rights and also weight the charges of slavery which have been brought up by several video testimonies on the Internet via “Youtube”.
Also, it is important to stress that the U.S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) in its annual report has condemned the military operations in which are forced to take part the young sahraouis before going to perfect their training by the Special Forces in Cuba.

For more than 33 years Cuba, has taken part in military training of the Polisario Front and has sent over 200 political police chiefs to perfect the “education” of the guerrilla executives.
In spite of the illness of Fidel Castro, those maneuvers continue to take place with the help of his brother Raul, the new strong figure of the Cuban regime.
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