Former Polisario Front Mauritanian’s prisoners to file a collective complaint

Supported by the Belgian lawyer Jean Abboud ,the former Mauritanians prisoners of the Polisario Front have made news. The witnesses of the revolutionary guerrilla cruelty have organized two important demonstrations in Nouakchott and Belgium, to express their despair towards the silence of the international community about the violations of human rights practiced by the influenced Marxist-Leninist guerrilla.
The Polisario front is the only guerilla alongside the FARCS in Colombia to continue practicing the torture of prisoners and organizing kidnapping of civilians.
 The Polisario Front is more and more weakened by this new contestation which has came from Mauritania and has been relayed by many international media.
According to declarations in Nouakchott and Brussels, the Mauritanian victims would plan to extend their action by filing a complaint against leaders of the Polisario Front who would have devoted themselves to acts of cruelty on the Mauritanian prisoners in particular during the Eighties and Nineties.

The camps jailers would have regularly perpetrated acts of tortures, cigarette burns on the victim’s chest, inflicting electric discharges and regularly depriving them of food.
Several victims showed in front of a deeply shocked assistance the after-effects of the undergone maltreatments.
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