Exclusive: Euronews Report enrages the Polisario front

Last week’s “reporter”, Euronews magazine was entirely devoted to the Mauritanians prisoners who were tortured, maltreated and humiliated by the Polisario Front.
The Euronews report was broadcasted after months of investigation, testimonies and unbearable images of maltreatments. It describes the actions of the Belgian lawyer and priest Monsignor Jean Abboud in favor of the victims and constitutes a very important precedent in the Western Sahara conflict since torture allegations were until now, always towards Morocco.

The action of Jean Abboud is amplified following complaints by Mauritanian victims before the European Parliament and with the support of “Euro Med Cape” association. A memorandum was also addressed to the UN Secretary General requiring him to take the necessary measures as to make burst the truth about the martyrdom that the camps survivors have endured for several years.
Following the very serious allegations of slavery perpetrated within the camps of Tindouf that Polisario-thinktwice had published exclusively, these new charges against the Polisario Front weaken a movement whose true actions, after several decades of dissimulations and propaganda, is discovered.
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