D -14: The secret report about the Polisario Front financing by Spain

According to a well informed source, the report about the Polisario Front financing by Spain will be soon published on the Net.  
We recall that a group of sahraouis Net surfers have detoured an ultra-confidential report detailing the aids granted by the Spanish autonomous communities (Comunidades autónomas) to the guerilla.
“the Information we found is edifying», said Mounir K., one of the Net surfers who took part to the project, adding: “the world must know that they are tens of millions of Euros which are given to the Polisario Front each year without any ways of control”.
At least and with this initiative, the inhabitants of the camps will be able to finally know the reality of the aids which are granted to them by Spain and will be able also to realize the massive diversions operated by the Polisario front Nomenclature. Always according to Mounir K.,

“The Report will put up to date embezzlements made in Spain by associations which are supposed to support the sahraouis people but which are in fact units of funds collectors… for the guerrilla”
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