Western Sahara : When Miguel d’Escoto gets into a muddle

The new practising president of the United Nations General Assembly, the old Sandinista priest Miguel d’Escoto has immediately taken the opportunity of his new nomination to castigate « the enemies of the revolution ». Suiting the action to the word, Miguel d’Escoto did not lose time, and has made a declaration supporting the Polisario Front, rekindling an axis scrapped with the end of the cold war. The most striking example of his “revolutionary tropism” was when he stated that “the total independence of the Sahara is the only solution” (according to the “Jeune independent”, an Algerian daily newspaper.
It is noticed that the restraint obligation which falls on the temporary position occupied by this South-American was not respected by the dying ideology of the international scene.

That’s no problem. A conflict of 33 years, hundreds of dead persons, families in mourning, a financial disaster for the UNO which the future generations would have to bear and disastrous consequences at the economic, social and political level which do not seem to affect the consciousness of Escoto who wants to make a media “event” to please  his allies. He confuses, with a guilty lack of consideration, the Sandinista guerrillas with the Polisario. This siding does not recognize all the great efforts made by Morocco these last years.
Giving evidence to this, the autonomy project which has completely changed the state of affairs concerning the Sahara Conflict. This proposal, considered by many high officials, starting from the ex-mediator Peter Van Walsum, as a strong sign on behalf of Morocco to put an end to this disagreement, did not get a welcome response from the Nicaraguan. The latter, used to the lack of will from the Polisario and its Algerian “sponsor, wanted to “handle things himself”, and make the issue at the fancy of the day forgetting that his position forbids him to do so.
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