Program of family visits to the Sahara: Moroccan worries

In a declaration presented during the 44th session of the Permanent Committee of the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), concerned with the UNO regional activities, Morocco has expressed his strong worries regarding the pursuit of the program of family visits to the Sahara, in front of the intimidation, threats and blackmail campaign led by the opposing party against the families and persons wishing to renew the contact with their relatives.

In this regard, the Moroccan representative in Geneva has pointed out the conciliation and cooperation spirit of the Kingdom of Morocco, within a strict humanitarian goal, for the benefit of the separated families and in favor of the agreement between the different components of the large Saharawi family, without extravagant promises or  politician instrumentalization. He deplores, however, the negative and discriminatory attitude of the other party that continues to hinder peace and conciliation approaches of the Kingdom, motivated by a solid faith in peace, tranquility and democracy for the Sahrawi people. Besides, the significant development of the region, during three decades, on the institutional, economic, social, cultural and sportive scale is a concrete proof. Then, the Moroccan diplomat has highlighted the efforts undertaken by the former special envoy to the Sahara and the reached conclusions, namely the unrealism of independence option and the relevance of the internal autonomy under the national sovereignty. In addition, the 1813 Resolution of the Security Council has reaffirmed the serious and credible nature of the Moroccan internal autonomy project in the Sahara and has motivated the different parties to cooperate and make a proof of realism and compromise. Moreover, during the last visit of the new special envoy of the UN Secretary General to the region, Morocco has once again reaffirmed his willingness to completely cooperate with the United Nations to reach a fair and sustainable negotiated political solution, pursuant to the said resolution.
Finally, the Moroccan diplomat has congratulated the HCR for the efforts undertaken throughout the world and for the new adopted strategy that integrates field data in the conception and launching of support and assistance programs to the refugees or to the victims, during the armed conflicts, as it was the case for the Palestinians of Gaza 
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