Human Rights in Sahara

A delegation of European deputies, set up adequately in 2005, has published its detailed report about human rights management, not only in the Western Sahara, under the Moroccan administration, but also within Lahmada and Tindouf camps in Algeria. According to the report, recently published, three major issues deserve the attention of the international community. The first issue concerns the violations of human rights fully noticed and which are in relation with freedom of expression, association and manifestation, in the Moroccan territory and in Tindouf camps in Algeria as well. The second issue concerns the right of visit and reunion among tribes, clans, families and individuals separated from each other, often against their will. The third issue concerns the missing persons, the tortured and the handicapped.

Thus, the European delegation, constituted of the European deputies from countries such as Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium and Cyprus, recommends a strengthening of the UN mandate of the MINURSO in order to include the monitoring and follow-up of the delicate issue of human rights in the Western Sahara, under the Moroccan administration, as well as within Lahmada and Tindouf camps in Algeria, a neighboring country involved in the Saharan conflict. The Moroccan authorities, contacted in this regard, seem to be clear vis-à-vis human rights issue in Sahara and a priori do not oppose such a perspective, of which the modes of application have to be discussed. They remind that human rights, as recommended by the United Nations and approved by the Kingdom of Morocco, are guaranteed by the Moroccan Constitution and that institutional authorities, like the Ministry of Justice, the Advisory Council for Human Rights, Equity and Justice as well as the national and international NGOs, work in this regard and regularly publish the results of their inquires and works. Therefore, Morocco has no particular problem in this regard. Sahrawis, like all Moroccans, are subject to the same laws and rules and enjoy the same liberties and the State guarantees via legal and regulatory devices, the rights of everybody.
They also reaffirm that human rights issue within Lahmada and Tindouf camps constitutes a major concern for Morocco and that the latter works jointly with UN and humanitarian organizations to find an adequate and constructive solution to this issue.
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