Mr. Jen Abboud : For an international inquiry in Tindouf camps

Mgr Jean Abboud, Director of a public estate association bearing his name, has asked, the last week in New York, before the 4th UN General Assembly Committee, for the conduction of an international inquiry in the Sahrawi camps of Tindouf, in Algeria, taking into account the known facts of “tortures and other cruel, inhuman and degrading  treatments” reported by the former victims of the Polisario.
Hence, he asked for « the conduction of an international inquiry about the serious violations of human rights reflected through the following facts : kidnappings and missing, arrests, imprisonments and sequestrations, tortures and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments, genocide and violence practiced towards women” in Lahmada and Tindouf camps, where thousands of Sahrawis are deprived of freedom.
It should be reminded that Mgr Abboud has described the atrocious sufferings of one of the numerous victims of the Polisario, a Mauritanian citizen, surviving today from the Tindouf camps and who, besides the loss of his right arm usage, lives “psychologically in an indescribable suffering day and night”. Contacted by the victim, in March 2008, during his stay in Nouakchott, in Mauritania, and asking for his intervention in order to shed light on the inhuman treatment he has undergone in the Polisario slammers, with 35 members of his tribe, Mgr Abboud has been morally forced to bring this outrageous case of flagrant violations of human rights before the international instances.  
Abdel Jalil Ould Khouna, « a victim among thousands », imprisoned from February 1983 to January 1988, having undergone all kinds of tortures, the signs of which are still visible on his body, has reaffirmed Mgr Abboud.

In this regard, the Belgian ecclesiastic prelate has indicated having filed at the UNO a report of this story and of similar “many others” that would certainly offend the international opinion and push it to ask for accounts from the Polisario torturers.
Consequently, he has asked for victims’ compensation and for suing into justice the persons responsible for these tortures and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments and that will be epoch-making, rendering hence dignity to thousands of victims of the Polisario, as well as to the missing persons’ families.
Mgr Jean Abboud has also expressed his « support and his blessing to the efforts carried out by the international community in order to put an end to the Sahara conflict and to reach the autonomy plan it has supported via the 1813 and 1871 resolutions of the UN Security Council”.
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