Women suffering in Tindouf camps

During their meeting at the Congress Palace of Laayoune, last Sunday, some civic feminine organizations have launched an urgent call to the Moroccan government to accelerate the implementation of the autonomy initiative for the Southern provinces in order to put an end to the multiple suffering of the Sahrawi women and children in Tindouf camps, in Algeria, victims of exploitation, of intimidation and of sexual abuse. This, realistic and democratic approach will allow the separated families to be together and to rebind the  family ideal around mothers, affected for a long time, by the forced acts of separation from their offspring recruited in the armed Polisario militias. They have emphasized that women are the main victims of this artificial conflict, fueled and sustained by the irrational ambitions of a third country and which seriously hinders the Maghreb region development within the Mediterranean nations’  context. In addition, in the wake of this meeting, a letter has been drafted and read in the presence of the participants in this meeting of solidarity with the Sahrawi women, sequestered in Tindouf to be addressed to the UN General Secretary, M. Ban-Ki-Moon.

In this letter, the participants have pointed out that « the only beneficiaries of this humanitarian catastrophe not to be forgotten” are Algeria leaders and their Polisario lackeys, as well as some inside separatists who represent only themselves and make political bidding for their personal benefit.
Moreover, they have reminded that “the only legal feminine representativeness internationally recognized is the one emanating from ballot boxes via democratic elections”, and not the one emanating from the third country’s fiddling aiming at falsifying realities or of self-proclaimed accomplices.
They have, also, renewed their trust in Ban-Ki-Moon’s work, at the head of the UNO, to strengthen international peace and security, welcoming the efforts made by some representatives and their envoys as well as all the components of the MINURSO mission in the good offices of their mission to reach a fair and realistic solution to the artificial conflict of the Moroccan Sahara
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