Tindouf : Martyrs’ story

As part of the national festivities commemorating the 34th anniversary of the Green March, the civil Moroccan association “Movement for all the democrats” has projected Thursday 5th of November 2009 in Rabat, a stirring documentary about the agony of the kidnapped and sequestered persons in Tindouf , in the Algerian South, by the Polisario, in complicity with Algerian military security officials.
The documentary entitled “Tindouf, story of the martyred” has been presented to the Moroccan and foreign public, during the citizen manifestation called “the Moroccan Initiative for the autonomy plan in the Moroccan Sahara: call of a whole generation”, initiated by the “Movement for all the democrats”

Indeed, the documentary exposes a number of poignant testimonies of former detainees, sequestered and tortured persons of the Polisario in Lahmada camps in Tindouf, in Algeria. These detainees, most of them civilians, have been kidnapped by force in the vast desert of the Moroccan Sahara, carried to Tindouf, thrown in squalid slammers and tortured to death to make false confessions, as during the morbid and triumphant Stalinism!. The director has successfully tried to reproduce via sound and image a part of the suffering endured by the sequestered of Tindouf, as well as the striking testimonies of their families.
The film projection has also been an opportunity to pay a deserved tribute to the women involved in this human tragedy for their sacrifice, their endurance and their grief during the sequestration tests, and in the absence of imprisoned close relatives, such as fathers, brothers, cousins, husbands or fiancés.
Undoubtedly, the fidelity vis-à-vis the occurring facts and the voice sincerity constitute the creed of the documentary film presented to the public, thus guaranteeing to it a wide audience throughout the world.
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