Abdennour Ali-Yahya denounces the human rights situation in Algeria

Honored by the organization of « Alkarama for human rights » in Geneva since a few days, Abdennour Ali-Yahya has received an award rewarding his actions for the human dignity respect. At 88 years old, he still has the strength to defend noble ideas and to accept no compromise of principle.
For Mr. Abdennour Ali-Yahya, a militant for the independence, founder of the Algerian League for Human Rights in 1985, the current situation of Algeria is simply inacceptable. Militant from early time for human rights, Ali Yahya accuses the Algerian authority of having “confiscated” the powers and having set up a dictatorial regime. 
Imprisoned many times for his firm stands, the old man still has only the strength of his convictions and the will to fight until the last day so that the fate of 20 000 disappeared persons would be clarified. Yahya Ali considers that Algeria has to get inspired from models such as Argentina and Chili and to shed light on the State crimes committed by the regime, the officials of which are most of them free, and even exert high functions in the civil or military apparatus of the State. Abdennour Ali-Yahya has evoked during his message the events that followed 1992, and mainly setting up nine detention camps set aside for the militants of the Islamic Salvation Front, who are in total not less than 18 000 prisoners.

The militant has also harshly criticized the general amnesty policy advocated by the current President and the generated drifts. Still according to him, the President Bouteflika would have “individualized the power to extremes”, setting up a totalitarian regime, putting all the powers under his control and confiscating the individual liberties. Somehow, it is Algeria’s conscience that has been expressed via this almost centenary man, who regrets to see the dream that he expressed for his homeland falling a little more each day.
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