The Moroccan Sahara : when eyes are opened to confront the reality on field

A delegation of Italian journalists, very interested in the left, and defenders of the ill-fed and ill-lodged on earth, have just paid a visit to the southern provinces of the Kingdom to know more about them, they did not hide their surprise, even their astonishment in front of the great development that these cities of the Moroccan Sahara  are undergoing and the heavy infrastructure accompanying this development as well as the atmosphere of quietness and security which is prevailing, while most of the journalists were expecting to find a series of nomads tents , with destitute persons living in precarious conditions within an insecurity atmosphere as reflected in the images spread over by the Polisario propaganda and the whining of the Algerian medias for the benefit of the sensitive persons with soft hearts.
Hence, Italian journalists from the daily “La Repubblica” and the piedmontese magazine in the North of Italy, as well as journalists from press agencies and other regional medias reporters have declared to have been pleasantly surprised as they had a negative and pathetic image of the Sahara called western, confused, most of the time, with the image of the Tindouf camps in the South of Algeria or with the prefabricated booths of charitable associations from the left and associations supporting the Sahraoui « people ».

Thus, to keep in with the journalist professional ethics, they declared to be ready to review their approach and to undertake neutral investigations and reports on the reality on the field and report on what they have felt, seen and heard. Besides, the delegation has recognized having freely circulated in all the territory, taking photos and making records of all what it judged useful without being annoyed or prevented from doing , in a way or another, its work of informing.
This submergence on the field denies all deceitful assertions and any false truth from the opposite party and makes it difficult for a part from the Italian and European left to take a hasty and an ideological stand about the Sahara conflict.
And as it was said by a Western executive from the MINURSO, who wants to remain anonymous, Morocco has really achieved many things in the Sahara in favour of the populations and has settled down an atmosphere of peace, adding that the possible solution to the conflict is exactly the Moroccan project of internal autonomy that guarantees to all the parties their main rights.
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