For the practice of the press’ freedom in the South-west of Algeria

If there is a right that constitutes an essential component in the emerging of a fair, more democratic and open society, it is unquestionably the possibility to get access to multiple information free from the executive body constraints. Yet, one should notice that the Sahrawi populations living in Tindouf camps, run by the Polisario Front with the logistical and financial support of Algeria, are not allowed to get access to information that does not reflect ideas and stands of the Guerilla movement leaders. Recently, Sahrawis who have been caught watching the Moroccan channel on the Sahara “Laayoune TV”, got their dish antenna destroyed by the political  representatives of the Polisario Front and have been called, afterwards, to the movement headquarters at Bir Lehlu. The Spanish NGO members being present in situ have denounced this attack to the camps inhabitants’ freedom of thinking, as well as the systematic repressive measures taken against all those who want to rid themselves of endless releases emanating from Sahrawi Press Agency. This leads to a basic problem even more serious: is there a place for an independent media inside Tindouf camps, which does not reflect necessarily the points of view of the Guerilla movement?

The latter, too quick in making a claim for the right of people to self-determination through a referendum , would it be ready to organize multi-party and democratic elections inside the camps in order to let the populations themselves decide about whom would lead their destiny? We bet that the result won’t be in favour of the Tindouf leaders.


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