Tindouf camps- Human rights: the Polisario in the dock.

The Association for the Defence of the Sequestered in Tindouf (ADESETI), an independent NGO, headquartered in Sweden, has once again denounced the atrocities made by the Polisario leaders in the Sahrawi camps where thousands of persons are sequestered, with neither defence nor resources.
In this regard, the ADESETI section in Laâyoune has sent a message to the UN Secretary General to draw the attention of the UNO to the serious human rights violations, perpetrated with impunity in Tindouf, with the Algerian militaries complicity. In this message, the association mentions the recent death of 235 detainees in the Polisario jails in Tindouf, in the Algerian South-West.
In Agadir, « the Unionist Voice Caravan » has been launched in order to alert the international public opinion to the suffering of the sequestered populations in Tindouf and to call it on to provide them with the necessary support. In this respect, M. Mohammed Yazghi, member of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces Party, has deplored the dramatic situation of Sahrawis detained by force in Tindouf and Lahmada camps, on the Algerian territory.

He insisted that the HCR should exert its prerogatives and assume its responsibilities by carrying out a census of people living in camps and protecting them so that they can freely move as it is stipulated by the Declaration of Human Rights.
As for the President of the Moroccan Association of Sahrawi Unionists, Mr. Ahmed Boumhroud, he has underlined the role of the “Unionist Voice Caravan” to question the international consciousness about the human tragedy carried out in Tindouf camps. He has called the international community to interfere to end up the suffering of the Sahrawi populations imprisoned in camps and to stop the systematic human rights violations that are perpetuated there by the Polisario armed militia, with the Algerian militaries complicity.
Hence, « the Unionist Voice Caravan », which action covers all the Southern provinces, in the form of political and cultural demonstrations, intends to contribute to the Sahara issue, as it defends a noble cause, that of the Moroccan nation’s historical, indivisible and sovereign unity, as part of the advanced regionalization and the autonomy project proposed by Morocco, and which the unionists welcome with satisfaction and support with strong conviction.


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