Human rights: A small fire in Tindouf camps, waiting for the big fire…

According to local sources, it is reported that a fire has been declared in Tindouf camps, in the absence of internal security norms and measures which should normally be available in camps, leading to the destruction of a Sahrawi lady’s house. The fire has been fought and strangled owing to the inhabitants’ hard efforts, without making react camps officials, who took a long time to come.
Information collected in situ indicates that the Polisario officials were very reluctant in their intervention to save the houses and people residing there. The lady, victim of the sinister has undergone important burns and she has gone in a deep coma, which has required her hospitalization at the Algerian military hospital in Tindouf.
It should be reminded that the lady in question, called Dhahba mint Othman Ould Mouatla, originating from Oulad Moussa tribe- Ahl Qadi, is a defender of the rights of the Sahrawis living in camps.

This fire, of an unknown origin, has taken place when the camps inhabitants were busy during the ghostly ‘SARD’ anniversary festivities.
Festivities that have known, for the first time, the absence of the ‘President’ of the separatist movement, Mohammed Abdelaziz Al-Marrakchi, on a trip in Uruguay, and which have been presided by Abdelkader Taleb Omar and Mohamed Lamine Bouhali, within a reign end atmosphere, with internal disagreements, distribution of leaflets hostile to the Polisario, grumbling of militaries excluded from Manhasset negotiations and informal talks of Armonk in the USA and confrontations among the movement wings and mainly among members of the leading class. Accusations have already burst out, head-on, qualifying some negotiating members of “surrender”, “reaction”, “betrayal” etc. and indicating other quadragenarians, suspected of acting alone (The result: join Morocco or benefit from a refugee status in a third country, mainly the USA). Mohammed Abdelaziz Al-Marrakchi has finally started to feel that all that surrounds him is virtual and that its state independence festivities have no value. Absence is synonymous of presence and the Algerian godfather undertakes all the procedures as his role is reduced to representation.
Also, it is within this electric and obscure atmosphere, characterized by tensions, conflicts, ambitions and frustrations and fueled by rumors, accusations, undermining actions and brainwashing from the Algerian intelligence services, that emerges the fire of Dhahba mint Othman’s slum, resistant to camps propaganda and wishing a well-being for her Sahrawi female colleagues. She is suspected, according to relatives’ testimonies, of wanting to join Morocco, via the Mauritanian frontiers.
Finally, the best meals are slowly eaten…


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