Africa : The defenders of human rights acting again in a « hazardous context”

Repression of human rights defenders in Africa, in different contexts: elections, political or institutional crises, conflicts, hindrance to freedom of peaceful meetings, are such wrongdoings that were disparaged by the International Federation for Human Rights, World Organization against Torture, as well as the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders.
The occasion for pulling the communication cord by the three organizations is the meeting, which is taking place till the 26th May in Banjul, Gambia, of the 47th ordinary session of the African Commission on human and people’s rights. Those three organizations (IFHR, WOAT and the observatory) have insisted in expressing their “great concern” about the situation of human rights defenders in Africa. These defenders, according to NGO, continue leading their activities in a “hostile and hazardous context”.

By calling the African states to put an end to the different forms of repression led against human rights defenders and their organizations, the 3 NGO are pointing out a fundamental element of the civil society involved parties. Their “essential” role is the implementation of international conventions related to human rights, but also their essential contribution is to prevent conflicts and to set up the State of rights and democracy.
Thus, these NGO insist on the guarantee of human rights defenders’ freedom of association, expression and action, considered decisive to encourage the respect of basic freedom and the emerging of State of rights in African countries, 
The choice of IFHR, WOAT and the observatory to insist on the precarious situation of these human rights defenders is so decisive as these men and women are still seriously exposed since they are at the front line to defend the establishment of   tolerance culture and respect of basic freedom in African countries.


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