Gaza – blocus : humanitarian NGOs condemn Israel’s impunity

International law and humanitarian law have been strained again by the Israeli army’s attack against the humanitarian fleet that tried to break the blockade imposed on Gaza. Piracy, violation of international law and humanitarian law against Gaza inhabitants, are all adjectives used by humanitarian NGOs and human rights organizations to condemn this brutal attack, which caused many deaths and injuries among unarmed passengers of the humanitarian fleet. For all humanitarian organizations, this aggression is the direct consequence of Israel’s impunity and total disregard to international law. This has been a shocking and more incomprehensible act, taking place in Gaza international waters.
Many NGOs have seized this opportunity to get back to the illegality of the blockade arbitrarily imposed by Israel against 1.5 million Palestinians of the Gaza Strip since 2007. This is a collective punishment perpetrated against international law, which has severely affected the local economy and forced ¾ of inhabitants to live on humanitarian aid.

Furthermore, and in a chaotic situation, it is the most vulnerable population who is most affected. According to many NGOs, the international community is required – with such a new attack – to impose a total lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip. These NGOs also call for taking the necessary measures to ensure access of humanitarian aid to the civilian population. On the other hand, human rights organizations have required the establishment of an impartial independent fact-finding expedition to investigate on the circumstances of this bloody aggression, with the participation of experts from the UN. This will be the way to ensure a credible and transparent investigation to put an end to impunity and to uphold the law.


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